Distribution and Manufacturing Software Guides

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Demand Management, Inc.
Demand Management, Inc.: Demand Solutions
For 25 years, Demand Solutions has focused on one thing—Supply Chain Planning solutions. By selling market-leading solutions and backing them up with unmatched service and support, Demand Solutions has built a customer base that is the envy of the industry—2,000 strong in more than 70 countries. No other firm can boast the almost universal success enjoyed by Demand Solutions’ customers. Learn more...
Epicor Software Corporation
Epicor Software Corporation: Epicor Manufacturing
Epicor Manufacturing is a tightly integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for identifying and planning the extended enterprise resources you need to capture, produce, ship and account for customer orders. A distributed, common database provides the ability to access the right information, from the right source, at the right time, empowering all users through the supply chain to make valid, informed decisions. Industry leading technology makes it possible for manufacturers of all sizes, and their trading partners, to derive the benefits of real-time collaboration from Epicor Manufacturing. Learn more...
I.B.I.S., Inc.: Microsoft Dynamics® AX
With over 20 years experience in the industry, we are expertly adept in helping you actualize all the potentials of an efficient manufacturing business. Learn more...
IDEA: B2B eCommerce Solutions
Running lean, gaining efficiency, synchronizing data flow, streamlining processes, standardizing systems, optimizing performance—nothing makes these goals easier to reach than eCommerce solutions from IDEA. Our knowledge of the players, realities, challenges, and opportunities give you a powerful consulting partner to make the right decisions that will Unleash the power of e and position you solidly for success in today’s business environment. Learn more...
IFS: IFS Applications
IFS’ manufacturing components can provide a simple, highly automated flow for taking care of repetitive tasks together with advanced management-by-exception functionality, simultaneously handling more complex processes, for example, engineer-to-order manufacturing. This powerful, multifaceted solution supports planning, execution, control and analysis in most types of manufacturing, in all phases of the manufacturing process, and for all employees in the organization. Learn more...
Infor: Infor ERP Adage
You want to plan well and manufacture well. But your customers want new products faster every day, which leaves less and less time for planning. Learn more...
Infor: Infor ERP LN
Globalization affects you whether you like it or not. You need to think in the long term, even if you only manufacture domestically. The constant proliferation of suppliers, regulations, competitors, and customer demands means that you need to manage and tame the complexity in your business to continue to grow, profitably. Learn more...
Infor: Infor ERP Syteline
In the manufacturing world, delivering on time and on budget is essential to your customers. If your orders increase and you can't keep up with production, you may lose money, and your customers will be dissatisfied. With SyteLine, you'll be able to comfortably deal with changes and stay productive in the office, so you'll stay productive on the shop floor and meet the demands of your customers. Learn more...
Infor: Infor ERP VISUAL
When your customer calls and needs a delivery date, can you give a confident answer—or just a good guess? In a world of constant change, you need a firm grasp of how every change affects your business.   With Infor ERP VISUAL, you’ll bring order to your orders and you’ll have a structure for creating a more predictable process and getting better results. Learn more...
Lawson: Lawson Manufacturing
Lawson Manufacturing is a business software solution designed and configured to support the needs of companies like yours in the manufacturing sector. This solution helps you maintain high customer service levels in demanding multi-channel, multi-inventory environments. It provides the ability to manage high data volumes and supports value added services while helping to mitigate the constant pressures on operating margins. Learn more...
NetSuite, Inc.
NetSuite, Inc.: NetSuite Manufacturing Edition
NetSuite is the #1 web-based business software application, giving manufacturing and distribution companies one complete system to
run their entire business, from Accounting/ERP to Inventory to CRM to eCommerce. In developing the NetSuite Manufacturing Edition, NetSuite has leveraged experience and lessons learned from thousands of manufacturing customers, complemented with a best practice professional service implementation methodology and our NS-BOS customization platform. Learn more...
Pronto Software International
Pronto Software International: PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing
PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing™ supports a wide range of industries while still maintaining ease of use, rapid implementation and up-to-date information to all manufacturing stakeholders. PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing seamlessly integrates your entire supply chain from sales to operations, distribution and finance, providing an accurate view of the critical elements in your manufacturing operation. Materials availability, production results and financial performance are just keystrokes away and are updated as manufacturing transactions are processed. Learn more...
SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a fully integrated business software solution that provides complete control over the planning and management of all facets of business, including accounting, operations, manufacturing, and distribution in a variety of industries. Learn more...
VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.):S2K Enterprise Software for Manufacturing
Manufacturers are facing increased pressure from domestic and international competition. With VAI’s S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing, you can effectively compete and grow your business in this rapidly changing economic environment. S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing is easy to use, cost effective and can deliver a real return on investment. Learn more...