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Consulting - Distribution Software Solutions, Consulting, and More: This is the place to find the information you need! At Brown Smith Wallace Advisory Services, Business Process and Systems Group, you’ll have instant access to a vast array of resources to aid in the decision-making process. With our help, you can sift through endless options in ERP software and more from the leading names in the industry. Our goal is to help you tap into expertise in the field so you find the answers you need when you need them most. Let Brown Smith Wallace Advisory Services simplify your search for the business software you need. Read more about the resources you’ll find on our website. READ MORE>>

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Read the Brown Smith Wallace Advisory Services 2016 Distribution and Manufacturing Software Guides: 5. Easy to read. 4. They include a wealth of information. 3. Content is specific to niche vertical markets. 2. Are a tool for software selection. 1. Free to download and request print copies. READ MORE>>

5 Reasons Why ERP Software Implementations Fail - And What You Can Do About It: 1. Lack of planning-unclear vision, goals and approach. 2. Lack of resources dedicated to the project (staff time, user involvement, project management). 3. Lack of executive support and commitment. 4. Fear of change. 5. Fear of technology. READ MORE>>