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Product: Enterprise Manufacturing Software (MFG)

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Contact: Linda Athans
4830 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 890
Tampa, FL 33774
Ph: (813) 287-8887
Fx: (813) 287-8688
Email: info@tribridge.com

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User Range

Entry Price Point: Varies
Sales Channel: Direct
Vertical Markets
Discrete Manufacturing: Repetitve; ETO/MTO; Life Sciences and Process Manufacturing: Food; Chemicals; Pharma.

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix
Database: SQL
Presentation: Any



Faster response times, higher quality products, and exceptional customer service and relationships are just a few of the things that today's manufacturers constantly strive to attain. To maintain a competitive advantage, manufacturers require flexibility in their operations and must continually drive innovation—not only in the marketplace but also in how they do business.

Tribridge assists manufacturing companies in selecting the right solutions that capitalize on technology to improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance visibility. We manage the complete customer lifecycle, from engagement and implementation to support and extending technology investments through value‐added products and services. Our seasoned consultants are grounded in best practices, proven methodologies and a collective drive to make a genuine difference in our customers' businesses.

We can partner with you to solve your manufacturing challenges through a complete range of services in the areas of customer
, finance and operations, human capital management, and business and technology strategy. Our industry‐specific solutions enable us to deliver ready‐to‐deploy cloud applications, and our technology and industry business experts can devise an application integration strategy that works for your business.


Whether your pain points come from formulation, finished good packaging definition, cradle‐to‐grave serial and lot tracking, production and quality control, or compliance, Tribridge’s experienced team helps customers identify their business and manufacturing objectives and requirements, and configures their delivered solutions to exceed them. Tribridge solutions provide a scalable platform to support growth plans and improve processing controls, reduce manual entry, and provide accurate, real‐time reporting to management and end‐users.


Customer demand dictates the need for a solution that allows manufacturers to associate revenue and cost associated to a job or project. When requirements like accurate estimates in real time, completion percentages, reduction of inventory and carry costs, streamlined workflow, access to historical data to quote new jobs, and allocation of time to the task level are high on the priority list, turn to Tribridge with full confidence.

The Tribridge Job Management solution was designed for project‐based manufacturers to allow job cost profitability tracking. If you handle any of the following, give this solution a look:

Engineer to Order, Assemble to Order, Make to Order
Orders made for a unique service or item
Non‐standard costing
Consumption of raw materials and tracking of labor hours


For those who focus their business activities on the development, manufacturing, assembling and selling of products, and on the delivery of their related services, our solutions effectively manage all the manufacturing complexities inherent to the products, processes, and variables in these manufacturing industries. Our project list includes all kinds of discrete manufacturers, from small and simple consumer products to complex and industrial.


When you really need formulas, recipes, and support for densities, potencies, blends, shelf‐life, compliance mandates and other characteristics of process manufacturers, solutions designed for discrete just won't do. Tribridge’s manufacturing‐specific solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of formula‐based manufacturers for nutritional and labeling in required formats. Bring your pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech products to market faster while reducing costs and complying with customer, industry, and federal regulatory requirements.