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Epicor Software

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Product: Enterprise Manufacturing Software (MFG)
Epicor Manufacturing

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Contact: Epicor Software Corporation
804 Las Cimas Parkway
Austin, TX 78746
Ph: (800) 999-6995
Fx: (949) 585-4091
Email: info@epicor.com

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User Range

Entry Price Point: $35,000 for 5 users (license) or $2,000/month for 5 users
Sales Channel: Direct and resellers Worldwide
Vertical Markets
Aerospace; Automotive; Electronics; Electrical; Fabricated Metals; Industrial Machinery; Medical and Pharmaceutical; Consumer Goods; Chemicals and Allied Products; Furniture and Fixtures; and Rubber and Plastics.

Operating System: Windows
Database: MS SQL Server, Progress
Presentation: Microsoft SmartClient and Web Client

OnPremise, Web-based, Hosted, SaaS
Epicor Software
  Epicor is committed to providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions that drive growth and profitability. Epicor continues to be on the forefront for the delivery of enterprise applications that provide tier-one functionality at a low total cost of ownership. Learn More

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Epicor Manufacturing is a tightly integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for identifying and planning the extended enterprise resources you need to capture, produce, ship and account for customer orders. A distributed, common database provides the ability to access the right information, from the right source, at the right time, empowering all users through the supply chain to make valid, informed decisions. Industry leading technology makes it possible for manufacturers of all sizes, and their trading partners, to derive the benefits of real-time collaboration from Epicor Manufacturing.

Epicor Manufacturing is distinguished by its increasingly broad focus on planning and managing all resources, both within and across location and company boundaries. This expanded scope is most strongly felt in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), product lifecycle management (PLM), quality performance management (QPM) and business performance management (BPM) to name only a few. Manufacturers of all sizes have recognized the value of an integrated suite rather than trying to piece disparate solutions together.

Manufacturing Knowledge
Epicor Manufacturing is designed to support the various manufacturing processes including discrete, make-to-order (MTO), engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO), assemble-to-order (ATO), mixed-mode and make-to-stock environments. Epicor continues a 40-year plus tradition of providing industry leading solutions for rapidly expanding, emerging manufacturers alongside mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of large multinationals. Epicor Manufacturing is scalable and modular with rich feature sets, which allow us to support your company’s growth with rapid implementation and easy expansion no matter the size and complexity of your manufacturing process.

Supply Chain Performance
Epicor Manufacturing offers a full range of supply chain management and distribution capabilities built within a single business platform. It provides the right tools to efficiently assemble, ship and deliver so that your customers receive the goods they want, when they want them. It enables manufacturers to truly execute at peak performance.

Industry Expertise
As a multidimensional solution, Epicor Manufacturing is uniquely positioned to manage the requirements of multiple industries with a single solution, including Industrial Machinery, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Medical Device, Electronics and Electrical Equipment, Fabricated Metals, Furniture and Fixtures, Rubber and Plastics, Job Shops, and more. Epicor has experience across many manufacturing industries and has developed solutions to fit the unique requirements for supplying these industries with robust functionality, including:

Multi-site and multi-plant management
End-to-end management of complex, multi phase projects
Centralized customer relationship management (CRM)
Efficient sales and service management
Rules-based product configuration
Real-time equipment production and process monitoring
Quality and compliance management
Extensive product data management including product lifecycle management (PLM)
Embedded advanced planning and scheduling (APS)
Extensive materials management including cradle-to-grave serial and lot control
Support for lean initiatives
Comprehensive supply chain management
Global financial management
Portals, dashboards, business process management and enterprise search to support business performance management initiatives
Global deployment available in the cloud or on-premises

Lean Initiatives
With increased global competition and customer demand for product flexibility and more frequent orders, businesses are widening the scope and focus of lean principles to focus not only on manufacturing processes, but to encompass all processes that contribute to the bottom line. Epicor is uniquely positioned with fully integrated modules and features such as customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, work orderless “Kanban” control on the shop floor, enterprise portals, and Epicor True SOA™ architecture to drive reduction of waste in internal processes and ultimately enhance profitability.