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ECi Software Solutions
ECi Software Solutions

Product: Enterprise Manufacturing Software (MFG)
ECi M1

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Contact: ECi Software Solutions
4400 Alliance Gateway Freeway, Ste. 154
Fort Worth, TX 76177
Ph: (866) 617-6389
Email: M1@ECiSolutions.com

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User Range
Not Provided

Entry Price Point: $35,000 for a 5-user system
Sales Channel: Global Direct
Vertical Markets
Aerospace & Defense; Automotive Manufacturing; Construction; Energy & Utilities; High Tech Manufacturing; Industrial Manufacturing; Manufacturing; Oil & Gas; and Services.

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (Client) Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (Server)
Database: Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express 2008/2012/2014
Presentation: GUI


ECi M1 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, providing total integration and automation of jobs from quoting through invoicing. M1 is a business system designed for small-to-medium manufacturers including job shops, custom, mixed-mode and make-to-order manufacturers. M1 is built with the objective to improve processes. This leads to savings in time, resources and money.

Essential functions of M1:

Maintaining contact details for customers and suppliers
Scheduling production to efficiently make use of resources
Managing production jobs through job costing
Controlling inventory of raw materials, finished goods and subassemblies
Analyzing pre- and post-sales activities
Ensuring quality and managing warranties

The implementation and customer service teams will have your M1 system up and running quickly. With dedicated professionals and locations throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe, ECi M1 will be with you every step of the way. Training and M1 customer service are always available to ensure you get the most from your ECi M1 ERP system.

Innovative Integration

Developed for Microsoft SQL Server with a Microsoft Outlook look and feel, M1 runs on Windows 7/8 and Windows Server
2003/2008/2012. This makes the software easy to learn, run and
maintain, making it the most cost effective solution. It also integrates with your familiar everyday email and document tools Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft MapPoint® . State-of-the-art navigation methods allow users to quickly find information.

Features & Design

The M1 Start Page features a fully configurable dashboard so that you can monitor pertinent parts of the business. All information is in real-time. Powerful yet easy-to-use customization tools let you tailor M1 grids, forms and reports to your needs. The Mail Merge function allows you to merge M1 fields into any Mail Merge document. Send documents to multiple contacts at once, and include attachments from within any module. Quickly and easily transmit your advertising material to large groups of contacts and increase your marketing power.


With M1, you make the software work for you. Ensure your unique
business processes are handled as you see fit. M1 does not force you to fit your business to the software. Additionally, all standard reports can be customized and new reports created using the industry standard Crystal Reports.

Popular Functionality Modules

Purchasing Management—M1 Purchasing provides critical information and visibility of all purchasing requirements. It includes complete knowledge of what to buy, when to buy, and how much to buy from each supplier in a real-time environment.

Inventory Management—Control raw materials, finished goods and subassemblies. Ensure accurate stock records through automatic allocations, stock receipts and issues. Obtain accurate stock valuations, view future demands on your inventory, track standard, average and last costs for all parts, and view method of manufacturing for any part.

Job Management—Maximize your competitive advantages with real-time production data. Manage complex production jobs with multi-level BOMs. Capture true labor costs through bar-coded labor reporting. Retrieve job cost reporting in real-time and compare estimate to actual, and much more!

Product Configurator—M1’s Product Configurator will allow you to offer superior service to your customers by simply and easily being able to configure products to their exact needs.

Order Management—Track all details and transactions relating to a specific order. Create jobs for make-to-order items. Improve on-time delivery performance by managing sales orders. View multiple orders at once to plan production demands more efficiently. Manage blanket orders by creating multiple releases for order details. Automatically create backorders when partially completed orders are shipped and email order acknowledgements directly to customers.

Labor Management—Collect and control employees’ labor hours. Define shifts with start and end times, grace periods, and payroll information. View the jobs currently in operation on the shop floor without physically visiting the factory. The Labor Management module integrates with M1’s payroll module for complete payroll functionality.